Please Join! A $10 Donation Makes You A HamOpen.org Member for a Year

HamOpen.org is the name of our organization. Our purpose is to act as an umberlla 501(c)3 for funding of Open Source projects for Amateur Radio. We are a registered Public Benefit Non-Profit Corporation in the state of California.

We are exhibiting at Hamvention, booth 1909 in Building 1, the “Maxim” building. We will show the M17 project the $14 Remote Rig Controller, and Applied Ion Systems Open Source electric thrusters for Amateur Satellites. There will be a membership drive. 

We are filing our 1023 application to be a 501(c)3 with the IRS. We had that professionally prepared. But the IRS will probably take months to approve it.

There will be more information as there is time to develop the web site. Meanwhile, please write to bruce at perens dot com if there are questions.